Top Paid Mac Games For 2023

Due to the release of macOS Ventura and Metal 3, gaming on your Mac is a new reality. As a result, the company has committed to introducing upgrades and improvements to ensure Mac users enjoy an enhanced gaming experience.

Although you can play free games, paid games always offer more features and entertainment. You can easily download and install the paid games from your Mac’s App Store and check Apple charges on your account by checking your email or calling the company’s billing department. Alternatively, you can purchase games from Steam. 

Here’s a roundup of the best games deserving your attention in 2023. 

1. Tomb Raider    

Tomb Raider is available at $29.99, along with in-app purchases. The game follows the adventurous life of Lara Croft, where she is learning to fight and survive after a shipwreck. Finally, she finds herself on an uncharted island where she must embark on a perilous journey to escape from the murderous inhabitants of the island and save her friends. Thanks to her natural gifts, she can survive this adventure. 

In the game, players need to scavenge for vital resources allowing Lara to fight through the island. Also, players must upgrade their gear and enhance their survival, combat, and exploration skills to overcome vicious enemies. Finally, you must climb and jump through dense forests, WWII bunkers, and treacherous mountains to discover how Lara Croft became Tomb Raider. 

With the help of in-app purchases, you can improve Lara’s survival chances. 

2. Resident Evil Village 

Released on 28th October 2022, Resident Evil Village is a highly sought-after game at $39.99. With this 8th major installment in the series, you can enjoy survival horror like no other. The terror has never been more realistic because the game features intense graphics and first-person action. 

The masterful storytelling will make you grip the handles of your chair and transport you to the world of horror. When starting this application, you must ensure a stable Internet connection. 

In-app purchases are offered in the game to make things more interesting. 

3. Vampire Survivors 

Vampire Survivors is a time-based survival game featuring roguelike elements and minimalist gameplay. The goal is to mow down thousands of night creatures thrown at you and survive until dawn. When the timer runs out, all the characters are removed, and a compelling character is thrown at the players, known as Death. If you can survive Death, you will be awarded coins. 

All the action takes place on a devastated land infested with monsters. There’s no way to hide. All you must do is fight for your survival. As you unlock new levels, you will get new weapons and power-ups to assist you in your fight for survival. 

You can purchase the game on Steam and play it natively on your Mac. Alternatively, you can register for a cloud gaming service and play it online. 

4. Return to Monkey Island 

Return to Monkey Island continues the story of the legendary adventure games and promises to offer gamers a thrilling time. Although the game is not graphically intensive, you must check the system requirements before installing the game. 

To play this game, you must download Steam and then purchase this game from the platform. Additionally, it would be best to run macOS High Sierra or later to enjoy this game. 

5. Cult of the Lamb 

Cult of the Lamb is a paid game for Mac users via Steam. In this game, you can start your cult in a land of false prophets. The goal is to build a loyal and committed community by exploring mysterious and diverse regions. But first, you must inspire the woodland followers to join your cult so you can become the one true leader. 

Besides these, some anticipated games are coming to your Mac, and the release of these games is confirmed. Take a look. 

  • IMMORTALITY – IMMORTALITY is from the creator of Her Story, Sam Barlow. The game is an interactive trilogy where Marissa Marcel, a film star, disappeared after making three movies. Players need to go through all the footage to solve the mystery. Windows, Xbox, and Android users already enjoy this game. A macOS version is under development. 
  • No Man’s Sky – No Man’s Sky is a game about survival and exploration. The game is set in a procedurally generated universe and was released as a native Apple Silicon game during Apple’s conference in 2022. 
  • Isonzo – If you love action, Isonzo is for you. This game is based on Alpine warfare and will test the player’s tactical skills. The battles are held among rugged valleys, scenic peaks, and idyllic towns of Northern Italy. 

The Bottom Line 

Upgrade your Mac and gear up to enjoy gaming like never before. Thanks to MetalFX and Ventura improvements, Macs are better equipped to handle intense graphics. All the best! 

Eustace G.
Eustace G.
Eustace is a technology enthusiast and avid gamer who holds a Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunication and Information Engineering. His passion and knowledge of computers, and technology in general, is channeled towards helping others understand complex concepts, solve problems, and make informed decisions.


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