Do I Need A Mouse Pad For Gaming? [8 REASONS]

If you recently purchased a gaming mouse or are looking to get into competitive gaming, you may find yourself asking yourself whether you really need a mouse pad for gaming. And most importantly. do mouse pads matter when gaming? 

A mouse pad matters a lot when gaming, especially for competitive gaming. You need a gaming mouse pad for the following reasons:

  1. To get better tracking
  2. To prevent scratches on your desk
  3. Lots of surface options to choose from
  4. To maintain pointer precision
  5. Provide comfort for your wrists
  6. To increase the lifespan of your gaming mouse’s feet
  7. Benefit from extra features
  8. To be able to use an optical mouse on a reflective/glossy surface

1. Get Better Tracking

Mouse pads have a uniform, flat surface which helps the mouse sensor track your movements with high accuracy. Maintaining high accuracy is especially important when playing MOBA or FPS games where your movement needs to be very precise.

For example, when playing a game like Overwatch or CS:GO an even surface allows you to move with precision and have more control of your crosshair. On the flip side, if the surface is uneven, you may miss your target or give away your position, costing you the game.

2. Prevent Scratches On Your Desk

you need a mouse pad for gaming to prevent scratches on your desk

Using your gaming mouse on your table will certainly cause the area in which you move your mouse to develop permanent scratches over time. This makes your gaming desk look less appealing, especially if it has a painted surface.

The best way of preventing these scratches is to get a gaming mouse pad. Even a cheap gaming mouse pad will prevent this kind of damage from happening.

3. Lots Of Surface Options To Choose From

With gaming desks, you’re stuck with only one surface type. But if you want to be able to switch between surfaces to get the perfect glide that matches your play style and taste, getting a gaming mouse pad makes sense.

Mouse pads can be made out of plastic, cloth fabric, aluminum, or glass. Each of these materials has a different feel and texture making it possible to get one that suits your specific needs.

4. Maintain Pointer Precision

Unlike desk surfaces that often develop bumps, notches, and other inconsistencies on the surface over time, gaming mouse pads are rigid and usually have a consistent texture. This keeps friction constant, making it possible to predict how far your mouse will move when you apply force.

Without consistent friction, maintaining pointer precision can be hard because you can’t start and stop your mouse with accuracy.

5. Provide Comfort For Your Wrists

mouse pad comfort makes a difference when gaming

Hard surfaces, such as those on most gaming desks, can cause strain and irritation to your wrist after long gaming sessions. A better alternative would be to get a soft cloth mouse pad that is more comfortable so that your wrists aren’t constantly pressing against a hard surface. 

In fact, some mouse pads have a squishy wrist rest to provide some extra support to your wrists. The comfort level varies depending on the thickness of the gaming mouse pad and the material used.

6. Increase The Lifespan Of Your Mouse Feet

do mouse pads matter for gaming

Desk surfaces develop scratches and bumps caused by normal wear or objects falling on them, making the rough. This is bad because using your gaming mouse on such surfaces will cause its feet to wear out quickly due to high friction. 

Preventing mouse feet from wearing out is important because they minimize friction and allow your mouse to glide smoothly and effortlessly. The best way to extend the lifespan of mouse feet is to get a mouse pad.

Also, mouse feet are louder when dragged on hard surfaces such as wooden desks. You can significantly dampen this noise by getting a soft mouse pad.

7. Extra Features

reasons you should buy gaming mouse pad

High-end gaming mouse pads such as the Corsair MM1000 Qi and the Razer Firefly are not just slabs of plastic or cloth. They now come with additional features which include:

  • USB hub/pass-through allows you to plug your gaming mouse directly into the mouse pad itself, thus freeing up USB ports on your PC.
  • RGB lighting- enables you to customize and sync RGB lights to match the patterns of your other peripherals.
  • Wireless charging- enables you to charge your phone or wireless mouse by simply placing it on the mouse pad. This way you don’t need to worry about the battery life of your wireless gaming mouse.

These features aren’t necessary but are added for convenience and to make your overall gaming experience more immersive.

8. Use Your Optical Mouse On A Reflective/Glossy Surface

is mouse pad important for gaming

Unlike laser mice, optical mice don’t work on shiny or reflective surfaces such as glass. Therefore, if you plan on getting an optical gaming mouse to use on a glossy or glass surface, then you’ll definitely need a gaming mouse mat.  

Using A Mouse Pad With A Laser Mouse

Laser mice can work on any solid surface without issues. However, you should consider getting a mouse pad to enhance tracking, protect your desk surface from scratches, increase the lifespan of mouse feet, and provide comfort to your wrists.

Using a Large Mouse Pad For Gaming

You don’t need a large mouse pad if you are comfortable playing games with your mouse set to a high DPI or if your current mouse pad doesn’t restrict mouse movement.

Consider getting a large or extended gaming mouse pad If you find yourself constantly reaching the edges of your mouse pad or if you want your mouse and keyboard to be on the same level.

Final Thoughts

Even though gaming mouse pads won’t guarantee that you’ll become a better gamer, they definitely matter for gaming. They help you maintain pointer precision and get better tracking. 

They also prevent rapid damage to mouse feet, as well as permanent scratches to your gaming table or desk. If you get one made out of cloth, it will provide comfort to your wrists so that you can game longer without straining.

Eustace G.
Eustace G.
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